Botox® Lexington KY

Botox® Lexington KY

Botox brings about great results for Belle Vie clients. Injected into the forehead, it reduces wrinkles & linesIf you are interested in creating a more vibrant, relaxed and youthful you, you absolutely need to check out Belle Vie Botox® in Lexington, KY.  Belle Vie has three beautiful locations for Botox® in Lexington, Kentucky – Hamburg (just of I-75), Beaumont in south Lexington and downtown at Belle Vie on Main – all convenient locations close to home and work.

Botox® was approved by the FDA in 2002 for treatment of frown lines and received additional approval for treatment of crow’s feet lines in 2013. In order to achieve approval, extensive Botox® studies were conducted over a period of years and in many countries. Botox® Cosmetic® is the ONLY approved treatment for both of these cosmetic conditions and great results, when treated with Botox®  in Lexington KY at Belle Vie, are appreciated tremendously by Belle Vie clients , not surprisingly as it is the #1 product of its kind in the world.

How does Botox® work? Botox® contains a very small amount of a highly purified botulinum toxin protein. While it is frequently believed that wrinkles are caused by cellular change over time, sun damage caused by free radicals and less production of collagen, these factors are only part of the problem.  If you choose Botox® in Lexington KY,  this is your best fit for a solution as its effectiveness is based upon the ability of Botox® to work beneath your skin’s surface, targeting the key underlying cause of crow’s feet and frown lines, the frequent muscle contractions over the years that occur when you frown or squint. It is these muscle contractions that are the major culprits in creating frown lines and crow’s feet. When these muscles are treated with Botox®, this will impact these muscles to reduce their activity, creating a visibly smoother look to your frown lines between your eyebrows or around your eyes.

What should you expect during your treatment with Botox® at our Belle Vie locations in Lexington?  If you are using Botox® to eliminate crow’s feet, you will be treated in three areas of the muscle surrounding each of your eyes. If you have come to Belle Vie for reduction of your frown lines, this treatment will focus on your forehead muscles. Botox® treatments are not painful, causing at most a pinching sensation. If you are concerned about this, the application of a numbing cream or ice can be done before treatment. A Belle Vie treatment with Botox® in Lexington KY , being one of our most popular services, can usually be completed in 15 minutes. However, plan on 30-45 minutes for your first treatment so our NP or RN can discuss your concerns, answer all your questions and put a plan of action together with you.

Is Botox® just for women? Not at all. Both men and women are turning to Botox® in Lexington KY  at Belle Vie to provide them with a remedy for frown wrinkles and crow’s feet. The clients at Belle Vie who are treated with Botox® might begin to see results within 48 hours, however it takes 10-14 days to see full results, adding to their confirmation that they chose the right treatment. Botox® has extended results, usually lasting up to three to four months.

Belle Vie takes the care of your skin seriously and invests in professional, well-trained staff to provide your treatments and services. Our impressive team includes a Medical Doctor, ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner), RN (Registered Nurse)  and Estheticians, .  When your are interested in learning more about treatment with Botox® in Lexington, KY, give us a call at Beaumont 859-259-0101 or Hamburg 859-245-7546. Come in, meet the members of our outstanding team, check out our beautiful locations and see for yourself why Belle Vie has become THE place for Botox® in Lexington KY.