Sun Damage Removal

Sun Damage Removal

From the time you arrive at Belle Vie, you will understand our commitment to a new and healthier you. We have researched the treatments, services and skincare products that are available today and offer our clients the best, state-of-the-art approaches to caring for their skin.  With three locations in Lexington – Hamburg, Beaumont and Belle Vie on Main – you are bound to find a Belle Vie close to your home or work.

Skincare at Belle Vie begins with an evaluation of your skin, particularly determining whether or not you would benefit from any of our treatments for sun damage removal. Your skin is not simply a reflection of how you treat it today. Your appearance today is based on history, which, for many of us means, far too much exposure to sun, especially in our earlier years.  Our sun damage removal clients at Belle Vie are among our most satisfied as they are able to reverse the damage and return their skin to a more healthy and youthful appearance.  There are several options for sun damage removal at Belle Vie and a free consultation with us will help you to decide the best treatment for you. The sun damage removal treatments offered by our professional staff at Belle Vie include:

  • VibraDermabrasion (Vibraderm) is a treatment very similar to microdermabrasion that provides significant improvement to sun damaged skin. This technique of sun damage removal removes the top layer of your damaged skin, leaving it with a more supple and vibrant look. Vibraderm sun damage removal infuses a variety of topicals into your skin, chosen exclusively for your skin, such as vitamins, minerals and lightening agents that will work to reverse the damage done by overexposure to sun. Because of the Vibraderm exfoliation process, your skin will uptake these products exponentially more effectively than without Vibraderm resurfacing. You will enjoy seeing improved tone and texture after your first treatment, with more improvement to come in further treatments.
  • Fraxel® is another extremely effective method for sun damage removal. Fraxel® laser energy impacts the natural collagen in your skin, stimulating it to rejuvenate below-the-surface skin cells. Its laser focus allows Fraxel® to target sun-damaged areas without impacting surrounding skin tissue. Fraxel® skin rejuvenation is done through a series of treatments, allowing the stimulated collagen in your skin to go to work between sessions and contribute to your results. Belle Vie clients will experience the effectiveness of their Fraxel® treatments with little discomfort and minimal risk.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a light-based technology for sun damage removal that causes no disruption to your skin surface, allowing you to avoid any downtime whatsoever. Intense pulsed light treatment is delivered through the use of a dedicated, highly regulated computer delivering a specific wavelength of light pulse to sun-damaged areas of your skin, resulting in a heating of skin that damages or destroys unwanted tissue, while sparing the normal surrounding tissue. The inflammation caused by intense pulsed light treatment (IPL) also results in the stimulation of collagen growth, collagen being the key to more youthful skin with elasticity and glow. Your skin’s collagen will continue to renew for a period of time after your last intense pulsed light treatment and the results are long lasting, provided you take care to avoid excess sunlight, tanning beds and other causes of skin damage. Some of our Belle Vie clients love their intense pulsed light treatment results so much that they opt to a touch-up treatment every six months or so to retain and improve upon their results.

The professional staff at our Belle Vie locations include a Medical Doctor, ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner), RN (Registered Nurse)  and Estheticians, all with extensive training in delivering sun damage removal solutions. Come tour our beautiful Lexington facilities in Hamburg, Beaumont and Belle Vie on Main. Meet with our gracious staff and enjoy a complimentary consultation about sun damage removal. Give Belle Vie a call at Hamburg 859-245-7546 and schedule a visit. We take great pride in our work and delivering high quality results for our clients.

Fraxel's laser energy impacts natural collagen in your skin, stimulating it to rejuvenate below-the-surface skin cells.