CoolSculpting Lexington KY

With three stunning and convenient locations in Lexington, Hamburg, Beaumont and Belle Vie on Main, Belle Vie provides an amazing array of services and products for your quest for a healthy and rejuvenated better-version-of-you. At Belle Vie we partner with our clients to successfully reach the finish line of their journey to achieve a more healthy and rejuvenated appearance. Our staff takes great pride in the work we do at Belle Vie and derive great satisfaction from our clients’ achievements. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our professional staff of RNs, APRNs and Aestheticians with specialized training in skin care.

Like most people who have ever worked really hard in a diet and exercise program, some of us have had the tough experience of taking the weight off and firming up but still dealing with resistance with some locations of fat simply not budging. Abdominal fat, love handles, muffin tops, a double chin and inner and outer thighs are the most common places that simply refuse to cooperate! When you recognize that you have done all the workouts and dieting that you can do for this, CoolSculpting in Lexington KY, performed by the well-trained staff at Belle Vie, is your solution. This target-specific procedure is the solution that has people talking! We are eager to talk with you about CoolSculpting in Lexington, KY to help you determine if this effective, FDA-cleared procedure is right for you.

If you want to know more about how CoolSculpting in Lexington, KY will rid you of these impossible to eliminate fat cells, contact Belle Vie for a consultation. We are anxious for you to understand how CoolSculpting works and our well-trained staff will eagerly answer your questions. CoolSculpting provides a permanent solution to stubborn fat by freezing targeted fat cells that will then be eliminated naturally by your body over a period of several weeks. There is no effect upon the skin and surrounding tissue, just on those fat cells you want to get rid of.

When you are going through CoolSculpting in Lexington KY, the non-surgical procedure is more simple than you can imagine! The CoolSculpting device is placed on the targeted area and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the progress you are making while the cooling is applied.  A session of CoolSculpting in Lexington KY takes about 35 minutes. There is no down time involved so your return to your normal activities is immediate. Over the following several weeks you will see the targeted area becoming more toned and sculpted as the fat cells disappear forever!

In follow-up with our clients, we often hear them describing that their results are dramatic – and permanent.  With a continued program of healthy eating and activity, clients who have had CoolSculpting in Lexington KY at one of the Belle Vie spas can expect to enjoy their results for the years to come.  Men and women are thrilled with the natural looking results achieved through CoolSculpting in Lexington KY at Belle Vie. When you have worked hard to lose weight through diet and exercise, let CoolSculpting be your gift to yourself to finish off those stubborn places that just won’t go away. This safe treatment is easy on you and tough on fat cells.

Give us a call today at any of our locations: Hamburg @ 859.SKIN (7546), Beaumont @ 859.259.0101 or Belle Vie on Main @ 859.286.2300. Come tour our beautiful Lexington facilities in Hamburg, Beaumont and Belle Vie on Main. Meet with our gracious staff and enjoy a complimentary consultation about CoolSculpting in Lexington KY.  We take great pride in our work and delivering high quality results for our clients.

When you've done all the workout & dieting you can do for stubborn fat, CoolSculpting at Belle Vie is your solution.